Brett David

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I say this now, to you my friends, to those to which you love
Remind them each and every day of what they mean to you,
For in a glimpse the world can change and lightning from above
Can take their soul so they might not see this day as anew;
My friend it is with eyes of tears I write this final note
I’d give it all to have you back and steal that final breath,
The good you gave your fellow men, the words of truth you wrote
Will last beyond your years on earth; a legacy in death;
New York will never be the same, it lost its greatest voice
A man of love and honesty, you opened minds to see,
But sir it’s your integrity that men around will hoist
As beacons and a testament of what we’ll aim to be;
This day will come for me in fact, and too my friends will cry
As any man who made his mark the way those like us do,
But God I beg you here today, as angel wings do fly
I pray that when my number’s called, I’m half the man as you.

In tribute to Jason Sheftell

the words

The words you say to those you love are flowers from your soul

The perfect kind when petals bloom are worth the highest cost,

But roses can at times have thorns and cut in half from whole

When loving glances turn to stone, it’s then that her you’ve lost;

They say that talk is cheap yet it’s the thing you can’t buy back

Cuts like a knife and over time defines you as a man,

But sometimes what is even worse are words that if in fact

You never say and so in turn you never gave a damn;

Not everyone deserves this praise, in fact it’s less than few

Most of the women in this town are adequate at best,

But if you get the chance to have just that I say to you

When days are bad they’re better than they would be with the rest;

So men my challenge is to rise, a new year lies ahead

The woman that you’ve long ignored instead give her embrace,

And say “while I am good alone I’m better off instead

With she who blooms not just in spring, for me she lies and waits. “