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Lower East Side
You Did The Same For Me

The day this man has waited for, the moment now has come

His wife in aching, screaming pain, she pushes out her last,

This man he takes his woman’s hand, to witness what they’ve done

And sees the son that he will love, forever looking back;

His son now ten, far yet a man, he loves his father so

He still must learn, his right from wrong, his evils from his cures,

“My boy you’re growing far to fast, but still have ways to go”

I hope that time slows down a bit, you stay this age some more;

Today I got the news that is more horror than obscene

My President has sent the word; he’s shipping off to war,

For God’s sakes boy this can’t be right, you’re all of just nineteen

I’d go myself but him they want, and now a second tour;

It’s been ten weeks, and still no word, my wife is crying sick

“I cannot live without my bouncing boy upon my knee”,

To be a man and hold her up I do but still I slip

And then I hear the knock up front, and stare in disbelief;

I open slow, and down I fall, with tears all down my eyes

My son is there, alive and proud, his medals shined to see,

And as I grasp his heart to mine, he gives me his reply

“I wasn’t scared to do this Dad, you did the same for me.”

Old Man

By chance my day today might not turn out quite as I planned

By that I mean intentions that I hoped would work out well,

Might fall the way of lesser men that did not fight but ran

I fear today, that evil lurks, may drag me down to hell;

Now who’s to say what good may come, but something’s sure awry

The manic man on Mission St, his songs make so much sense,

The colors of the sewers match the haunting of the sky

The grip on this “reality” has got me feeling tense;

“Go forward young man, save yourself”, comes bellowing behind

I’m scared to look, more so to move, I freeze and blood runs cold,

And there I see, sat at my feet, a child draws a line

He says to me, “I’m you, you see, before you aged to old”;

“Your life has been of selfish things, the evil spoke was you

The old man that was yelling, that was you the day you died,

Take heed I pray, I want to see the day you see the truth

And cast these chains of decadence, and hollow shells of lies;”

The child then, he disappeared, the old man with him went

I looked around, the streets were packed, the sunlight hits my mind,

The man I was, sad and ashamed, that sat long on the fence

Took solace in a brighter day, a new day yet to find.


Sometimes the life you’ve always lived is empty when ajar

Sometimes the things that hurt the most are ones self put upon,

Sometimes the things you quit too quick seem better from afar

Sometimes you realize what you had, but only when it’s gone;

I think that moments like tonight are what I’ll miss the most

I think that women in my life, like her do not exist,

I think that sleep will haunt me still, the silence as my ghost

I know that had I thought it through, right now I would not miss;

At best my life will carry on, so much yet left to live

At best my heart will beat as strong, my body firm and tact,

At best my time with her has shown what blessings are to give

At least I know the words are true, that love not always lasts;

I wish for things, and only good, for her the future’s bright

I wish for laughter, honest truths, her hand firm in my grasp,

I wish for passion and romance, but only when it’s right

And my tears they, too soon will stop, and this too soon shall pass

This New York Town

This New York Town’s, a scary place, since day one seems to be

For troubled souls who’ve lost their grip on all reality,

In all my years I’ve seen the good, the bad, and the ugly

And yes for better, or for worse, this town is home to me;

The Downtown scene, will make you say “It’s only Tuesday Night?”

The Midtown rat race rushes by, the weak won’t stand the fight,

5th Avenue, the tourist’s love, on line since morning light

And Central Park, with whom you love will make your time just right;

East Village cool, the Chelsea boys, and sexy Soho dames

The West Village, around the world, I’m sure they know the name,

Upper East Side, the rich they thrive, in Harlem they maintain

No matter class, or social rank, your neighborhood’s the same;

Manhattan, you’re my home, my heart, my love resides in you

You gave me all the things I love, encouraged me to do,

The best I can with what I have, the rest I leave to you,

On 16th street, born years ago, my life I know is true.